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February 4, 2010

This post has been a long time coming! I have been working tirelessly (well ok, in some of my coveted free time) on a new layout for Art Without Pretense. There have been tears, screams, and moments of desperation (and that’s just from my fiancĂ©, Jim, when he tried to help me). Needless to say, it has been a greuling process. There’s a reason I chose to study art history and not digital art/web design. I find it unbelievably frustrating. Had I only wanted to revamp the blogspot account, it would doubtlessly have been easier. But the learning curve involved in switching from blogspot (a user-friendly but limited and ready-made layout) to wordpress (a highly customizable system of endless layouts written in code that looks like something out of a Tolkein novel to me).* If you don’t know web design before using wordpress, you had best learn it! And fast! Fortunately for me, I have numerous capable techie friends who speak this alien language and have helped me wade through it. I have also received much support and cheerleading from my good friends at Inspired Taste, who just got their wordpress blog up and running last fall. So here I am, roughly 3 months after I decided to switch to my own domain and wordpress, finally ready to unveil it!**

So here it is *drumroll*… the new Art Without Pretense!

From now on, I will be posting only to www.artwithoutpretense.com and closing the .blogspot account. This post is being posted to both blogs so that you, my small but loyal group of followers, have the opportunity to bookmark the new address and make the switch with me! For those of you who find me through facebook, I will continue to post there when I update, but if you look for emails or use the Google blogroll, take note of the change! The new blog comes complete with RSS feed, so I highly encourage you to subscribe! And to leave comments! And to tell your friends!

OK, enough self-promotion. I will add though that if you have suggestions about layout improvements, things that don’t work, etc., please let me know. This blog is a work in progress. Much like my life.

Two new features on this blog I am particularly excited for (and the main reason I wasn’t happy with blogspot) are the About Me and Photo sections. The photos pull from my Flickr account and were a lot harder to get working than I’d like to admit. But my overall hope is to use this not just as a blog of my art-world experiences, but as a sort of portfolio of what I am capable of. So having a personal touch is important! Unfortunately, past comments from blogspot were impossible to bring over to wordpress. You can still read past posts (all in the archive), but the comments will remain forever a part of Google.

To wrap this up, I am so happy you are here, reading about me and my adventures in art. I hope you enjoy the new site and don’t mourn the old one too much!***

*I do not love Tolkein and find his writing and made-up languages infuriating.
**By ready, I mean tired of updating two blogs and feeling a little ashamed to be so slow at web design, but not really 100% happy with how things look.
***There will be a memorial service TBA.


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Joanne February 8, 2010 at 12:53 PM

I really love the new site and I LOVE your header photo, it is beautiful. I look forward to see it grow.

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