Roberto Capucci: Art Into Fashion

May 13, 2011

Not long ago I took a trip down to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to catch their current exhibit, Roberto Capucci: Art Into Fashion. It is a retrospective of the Italian designer’s apparel and one of several major museum shows dealing with fashion right now (see the Met Museum’s Alexander McQueen show and the John Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts). Capucci’s style is a collection of structured garments, geometric forms, and a brilliant array of colors. As the exhibit curator, Dilys Blum, has said, Capucci’s work is part fashion and part architecture. The exhibit has drawn in a more varied crowd than often attend shows at the Phila Museum and I was thrilled to see the work for myself. Most of the gowns (even from the 80′s and 90′s) employ 1950′s and 60′s mod/retro shapes and color palettes. They also have an elegance to them which is often breathtaking. Below I have assembled some of my favorite pieces. If you have a chance and have any interest in high fashion, this is definitely worth checking out. The show runs through June 5, so there’s still time!

Bougainvillea Sculpture Dress (1989), pleated silk taffeta

Kinetic Energy Sculpture Dress (1979) georgette and brass wire

Pagoda Sculpture Dress (1992), pleated silk taffeta

Azalea Rosa (1961), taffeta

**Please forgive the size and quality of some of these images. I respectfully refrained from photographing the exhibit and have sought existing images on the Internet. The last photo has been cropped to a very small size, but it was one of my favorite dresses in the show and I just had to share it!

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